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Paragraph one says what the server does and all about how.
This subdomain is operated by USDA Forest Service in association with Pacific Northwest Region Fire & Aviaton. Most of the applications are available from the menu on the right.

Paragraph two explains user accounts and how they work.
You will need a USDA eAuthentication account to access protected content on this server. Once you have an account set up, you can return to access the applications and other protected content. You may need to request specific additional access, and you can do this from the request forms on the protected landing pages.

Paragraph three shows where to go for anything not answered in paragraphs two and one.
If you become lost beyond or stuck within the fireportal, please email the helpdesk below and we will send someone 'round.

FTEM Fuel Treatment Effectiveness Monitoring

A thing for collecting information on wildfire behavior inside past fuel treatment areas.

ICAP Incident Command Application Program

Used to announce and fill vacancies on incident management teams nationwide.

ITEAM Incident Training Equipment and Agreement Management

Used by fire contracting and dispatch to track inspections and contractor qualifications, and to generate agreements on incidents.

WFCMR Wildland Fire Chemical Misapplication Reporting

A fire chemical misapplication reporting tool for all agencies participating in Interagency Guidance and Policy as outlined in Chapter 12 of the Red Book.

WaSmoke Washington State Smoke Reporting

Used to report Federal prescribed burn activity to Washington Department of Natural Resources.

fastrax Oregon State Smoke Reporting

Used to report Federal prescribed burn activity to Oregon Department of Forestry.

firelibrary Wildland Fire Library

A collection of long-term assessments, fire progressions, fire behavior case studies, and other documents.